Infrigsa supported from its experience in the industrial refrigeration sector, is able to control the humidity and temperature in any of the projects that are needed, be individual and small needs as multiservice facilities of great power.

  • Maintenance

  • Reforms

  • Air Driving


As a company consolidated in the sector, it is obliged to maintain a quality of its products, as well as give a security to the customer of the perfect operation of its machinery, for which it has a team of mechanics perfectly qualified for the resolution of any anomaly That can arise in the day to day.

It also contemplates the possibility of performing a systematic maintenance of the facilities, being able to adjust to the needs of each client.


For any time and moment the situation of each sector is always in constant movement, for which the reforms and extensions of existing facilities are necessary and essential, in order to adapt these to the new regulations and energy savings.

For this we collect the ideas of the client and next to the study, the best economic and energy solutions are valued for the realization of the project.

Air Driving

Our company has the facilities, tools, machinery and qualified professionals for the realization of any project of conduction of air and with diverse materials, such as; Galvanized sheet, lacquered sheet, stainless steel and PVC, being able to adjust to any type of structure and shape.