Company dedicated to the realization of systems of refrigeration and air conditioning, management, registration and control of the same
Company founded in 1981 and through its extensive experience and experience in the sector of industrial refrigeration and air conditioning has been faithful to its principles.
At present, Infrigsa is formed by a great human team whose result is a highly qualified staff that brings us closer and more to our customers.
From that entrepreneurial spirit to these days we maintain a high quality in our products and facilities, adapting to any type of project, for that we use the new technologies and the best materials that exist in the market, always backed by our own Technical Service.



Taking care of a perishable product with which we are and its speed for the change of its properties, Infrigsa designs facilities to control the climatic conditions of stable form as much the temperature as humidity


This sector is characterized by the treatment of the quality of the product as well as the appearance of the same.
For this reason and fearing that both the fruit and the vegetables follow the natural process of maturation, these facilities are adequate to resemble the natural cycle of degreeding, maturation and last of conservation, all these totally automated steps


Maintaining a stable control of Temperature and Humidity, placing great emphasis on the design and distribution of air in the enclosure, supported by a drive system and through high efficiency nozzles, by which the air flow can be adjusted perfectly to Each type of product in its healing phase


Another of the sectors in which cold is fundamental for the treatment, conservation, healing and manipulation rooms, for which the following products are destined.
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Infrigsa supported from its experience in the industrial refrigeration sector, is able to control the humidity and temperature in any of the projects that are needed, be individual and small needs as multiservice facilities of great power.